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If there’s a team that could handle Stanton’s contract, it would be the Yankees.

In addition, there is Dustin Fowler in the wings, and he looks like a potential long-term solution in center field.

That means the Yankees have a chance to have an Ozuna-Yelich-Stanton of their own, and they wouldn’t have to pay nearly as much for the next six years.

On the other hand, Stanton is Stanton. Stanton-literally anyone-Judge is one of the most compelling, hilarious outfields in major league history, and we should support the idea behind it. Unless you don’t like the Yankees. Which is the majority of everyone reading this, so maybe we’ll have to rejigger a few things.

If there’s a team that could handle Stanton’s contract, it would be the Yankees. Check their guaranteed contracts:

But as of now — right now — there are more teams contending than in any other season in history. There were nine National League teams contending on this date in 2003, and that was the previous record.

What happened in that season? The Marlins pulled away in the chase for the wild card, and there were just two teams that were within three games of a postseason spot and didn’t get it. So that’s probably instructive. Just because there’s a scrum, it doesn’t mean there will be automatic chaos.

One of these seasons, though. One of these seasons, we’ll get that three- or four- or, even better, five-team tie for a postseason spot. It’s not like the Yankees have a death grip on that first wild card spot, either, so we can still hold out hope for Maximum Chaos. As the world burns around us, it’s all we’ll have.

Let’s hold hands and hope for the best, then. And by best, I mean worst. There are more Cheap Team Soccer Jerseys teams contending on this date than any in baseball history. The amount of chaos that will Cheap Soccer Jerseys Kids lead to is still unknown.