Rivera held court with Halladay and Scott Kazmir about how to grip the cutter

Rivera held court with Halladay and Scott Kazmir about how to grip the cutter, and Rivera even shared a few tips on how to throw his signature pitch. These days, pitchers keep those secrets heavily-guarded, but Rivera was willing to share some Cheap Jerseys Premier League pointers with his brethren.

The TV cameras caught Rivera giving some tips to Halladay during batting practice ahead of the 2008 All-Star Game in New York. Again, that’s something you almost never see today; one division rival helping out another with his craft.

Here’s what Halladay told Tom Verducci from Sports Illustrated about Rivera’s advice and the impact on his career:

But the biggest thing was his finger placement and how his thumb was under the ball. I was throwing a cutter, but it was inconsistent. Once he told me about the thumb, it became a big pitch for me.

Hee-Seop Choi, a former MLB player with the Cubs, Marlins and Dodgers, and who played for the Kia Tigers from 2007 to 2015, praised Na’s power.

“The impact of Seong-Beom Na’s line drives are different,” Choi said in a Sports Chosun interview. “I was always nervous every time I was Cheap Jerseys Online Wholesale fielding first base (when Na came up to bat). The power of his batted Cheap Jerseys Paypal Payment balls spearing into the glove was incredible.”

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