Restaurants react to NFL protests by refusing to show games

As reports continue to come out on how different NFL players, owners, and fans are responding to the protests during the national anthem, restaurants across the nation are making their own statement. reported seven restaurants released statements either through social media or a sign on the door notifying customers they won’t show NFL games and many of them are not afraid to lose potential business from taking a stance.

Carr, who signed a then-record five-year, $125 million contract in June, endured a fractured pinkie on his passing hand last November and a broken fibula on his right leg in Week 16.

He has passed for 753 yards with seven touchdowns and two interceptions while completing 67.9 percent of his passes thus far this season. But despite his presence on the practice field, Carr is still expected to miss at least this weekend’s home game against the Baltimore Ravens.

EJ Manuel will start at quarterback for Oakland against the Ravens.

Players can typically return to play as the pain allows, even as the bone continues to heal because of the low risk involved.

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton suffered two transverse process fractures in a car Cheap Jerseys For Kids accident in 2014 and missed one game. Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo also missed only Cheap Jerseys Good one game after suffering two transverse process fractures in a game in 2014, the result of a knee in the back by Washington linebacker Keenan Robinson.

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