Damian Lillard: ‘I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to play with’ LeBron James

When it was reported last week that Kyrie Irving had requested a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers, one of the reasons given for Irving’s request was a desire to be the leading star on his own team. It was one of several reasons given by various reporters, and it has left us reading between the lines to try to understand what exactly Irving’s motivations are. We may never know for sure, at least not in the near future.

If starring on a team as the lead guard and scorer was Irving’s goal, though, then he may be in for a rude awakening. Damian Lillard, one player who fits Irving’s example of a star point guard, certainly doesn’t seem to agree with Irving’s decision. He didn’t explicitly say it in an interview on Sports Illustrated Now, but this exchange is telling. Here’s the video, with a transcription below.

QUESTION: After Kyrie Irving reportedly asked for a trade, really you and John Wall were the examples that Kyrie reportedly told the front office that he would like to be, that he would like to have a situation like yours. I’m just curious from your point of view, Dame, is your situation better from what Kyrie has in Cleveland? You know what it’s like to be the face of a team. Is that a better situation?

LILLARD: I mean, it’s a lot of hard work, but I’m Cheap Vikings Jerseys China not even sure that’s true, but who wouldn’t want to go to the Finals every year. I Cheap Vintage NHL Jerseys think they’ve been to the Finals the last three years, so I would love to do that.

QUESTION: Let me ask you a question this way: If LeBron was on your team, would you ever ask for a trade?

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