Brady has accomplished much in his long career, but there’s one thing on his list he hasn’t done.

Tom Brady has five Super Bowl rings, two league MVP awards, and he should be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. There’s one thing the quarterback hasn’t accomplished in his career, and that’s playing a game in China.

Brady would like to change that.

“My dream is to play a game here in China someday,” Brady said via CBS Boston during an Under Armour promotional tour.

Of the 14 players to make All-NBA this decade who were drafted since 2010, four were chosen among the top five picks and five were selected from 11th to 30th in the first round. There were as nearly many All-NBA players drafted at 15th overall (Kawhi Leonard, Giannis Antetokounmpo) as No. 1 overall (John Wall, Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving).

Of the 33 players to make All-NBA this decade who were drafted before 2010, only four were second-round picks, and three of those were European-based players drafted in an era before the league had fully embraced selecting players from overseas. Clippers center DeAndre Jordan is the only one of that group who was trained in the U.S. There have been two second-rounders drafted this decade to become All-NBA, and both were long-tenured American college players (Green and Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas).

Of those 33 All-NBA players drafted before 2010, 16 were top-five picks and six more were from between 6-10. Whereas the All-NBA players drafted this decade were split evenly between top-10 picks and beyond, only a third of those from the pre-2010 Cheap Jerseys Paypal Payment era were chosen outside the top 10.

The inevitable conclusion: Teams are getting less effective at evaluating and drafting at the top end of the draft. The successful teams have been those exploiting those inefficiencies (Golden State, San Antonio) and uncovering and developing the draft’s true jewels. What has won in the league of late has not been so Cheap Jerseys Online Free Shipping much picking early in the draft, but picking smart.

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