Given the way this team’s defense has been built up, a move to trade for Beckham would make the Jets playoff contenders in 2018, to be sure.

San Francisco 49ers The 49ers have to be looking at the Rams right now with at least a smidgen of fear. While we know John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan are secure in their long-term futures, the competitive aspect of doing what they do is a factor. They have a franchise quarterback and a burgeoning young […]

They could kick it back to the states, and that’ll create another process.

Owners and team executives have been quietly been looking forward to this for years now. But it wasn’t until Monday that the formal discussion began. They’re all taking baby steps for now. The gambling session, run by league EVP of business operations Eric Grubman, was to inform the owners what’s out there, and what the […]

Rams betting stars will align despite adding so many big personalities to roster

Early this offseason, the Los Angeles Rams vowed to take an aggressive approach to building on their surprising success from 2017. General manager Les Snead and coach Sean McVay saw no room for complacency despite winning the NFC West last year. Both insisted they had to upgrade the roster. The last month has indicated the […]