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If there’s a team that could handle Stanton’s contract, it would be the Yankees.

In addition, there is Dustin Fowler in the wings, and he looks like a potential long-term solution in center field.

That means the Yankees have a chance to have an Ozuna-Yelich-Stanton of their own, and they wouldn’t have to pay nearly as much for the next six years.

On the other hand, Stanton is Stanton. Stanton-literally anyone-Judge is one of the most compelling, hilarious outfields in major league history, and we should support the idea behind it. Unless you don’t like the Yankees. Which is the majority of everyone reading this, so maybe we’ll have to rejigger a few things.

If there’s a team that could handle Stanton’s contract, it would be the Yankees. Check their guaranteed contracts:

But as of now — right now — there are more teams contending than in any other season in history. There were nine National League teams contending on this date in 2003, and that was the previous record.

What happened in that season? The Marlins pulled away in the chase for the wild card, and there were just two teams that were within three games of a postseason spot and didn’t get it. So that’s probably instructive. Just because there’s a scrum, it doesn’t mean there will be automatic chaos.

One of these seasons, though. One of these seasons, we’ll get that three- or four- or, even better, five-team tie for a postseason spot. It’s not like the Yankees have a death grip on that first wild card spot, either, so we can still hold out hope for Maximum Chaos. As the world burns around us, it’s all we’ll have.

Let’s hold hands and hope for the best, then. And by best, I mean worst. There are more Cheap Team Soccer Jerseys teams contending on this date than any in baseball history. The amount of chaos that will Cheap Soccer Jerseys Kids lead to is still unknown.

Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo both look like the perennial MVP candidates the Cubs were expecting

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Washington acquired the A’s 2016 closer, Ryan Madson, and their 2014 closer, Sean Doolittle. While neither were closing now with the regularity they once did, they’re both still performing at a high level. Madson has pitched in 40 games and produced a 2.06 ERA with 6.5 times as many strikeouts as walks in 2017, while Doolittle missed time due to a shoulder strain but has still managed to strike out 31 of the 79 batters he’s faced while allowing just a pair of free passes on the year.

Compare that to the Nats pen, where the lone bright spot has been Matt Albers keeping up the Cinderella act into the middle of the season but at the cost of the rest of the relievers turning into pumpkins, and you can see why Washington went for the package deal. That’s not hyperbole for a poor performance, either: The Nats have a 5.31 ERA from their bullpen while allowing an 822 OPS, whereas the league-averages are 4.11 and 720. If not for Washington’s rotation and the general fumbling of the rest of the NL East, the Nationals wouldn’t have the lead they do.

Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo both look like the perennial MVP candidates the Cheap Jerseys And Hats From China Cubs were expecting, and they’re still going to form the core of a team that will contend for at least five or six years. The problems are with almost everyone else. Jason Heyward is hitting like Ben Zobrist this year, which means there’s a finger curled up on a severed monkey’s paw somewhere. Other than Ian Happ, the young Cheap Jerseys Authentic hitters haven’t progressed nearly as well as the Cubs had hope, with Kyle Schwarber going back to the minors to tinker with his swing, even.

Hunter Greene signed with the Reds for the biggest bonus ever

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Friday at 5:00 pm ET was the signing deadline for players taken in last month’s amateur draft, and the time had come and gone without a word about Hunter Greene, the Reds’ first round pick and the second overall pick in the draft. Greene is a talented kid, a 17-year-old from Southern California who shows promise as a right-handed pitcher as well as a shortstop.

Listen, we know it’s tough to catch up on everything happening in the baseball world each morning. Trying to find all of it while on your way to work or sitting at your desk just isn’t easy. It’s OK, though. Subscribe to our daily MLB newsletter and let us do the heavy lifting for you each morning to find the things you need to see.

Not everything needs to be complicated, and the good thing for the Yankees is that all of these rentals are also going to flood the free-agent market, too, so if they don’t want to worry about a long-term solution, they don’t have to. Get the cheaper rentals, and worry about 2018 later.

If you’re comparing the rentals, Duda has an advantage to Alonso when it comes to reliability. We’re just a few months into this new, strange Yonder Alonso, whereas Duda has been a known Cheap Infant NFL Jerseys quantity for years.

Alonso would have the advantage when it comes to health, though. Duda is Cheap Ireland Soccer Jerseys usually good for a DL trip or three in a given season.

Why Angel Hernandez umpiring the MLB All-Star Game has nothing to do with his lawsuit

Hidden deep within a press release from Major League Baseball on Thursday morning was one interesting bit: Umpire Angel Hernandez has been tabbed as the first base umpire for Tuesday’s MLB All-Star Game.

Yu Darvish was awful in his last start against the Marlins, and it turns out there’s a legitimate reason for it. He’s just glad a writer pointed it out for him.
Yoan Moncada decided it wasn’t enough to make one amazing play, so he had to make two in a row.

The state of the Cardinals is something like this: They have a rotation that’s so full, they can’t work in their best young prospect, who’s probably ready. Their current no. 3 hitter is a rookie shortstop who was injected with Temporary Serum of Stan Musial’s Pancreas, which they’ve fully synthesized at this point, but there’s no way to tell how long it will last. It was a season for Randal Grichuk and two for Allen Craig, but the serum is still pumping through the veins of Jedd Gyorko and Matt Carpenter. Total crapshoot.

And the Cardinals are winning. Like, a bunch. I was so very excited to crow about my preseason pick of the Brewers finishing ahead of them, but, as always, the baseball seasons are too long. The Cardinals are battling for first place in the NL Central, which is one step closer to meeting the Dodgers in the NLCS, which is their destiny, even if it looked unlikely a month ago.

At the deadline, there were talks that the Cardinals were interested in trading Lance Lynn, possibly to replenish the farm, possibly in a three-way deal to bring back an outfielder. Now that I’m in charge, I dial it back all the way before the deadline and get them J.D. Martinez, who was kind of the perfect fit and didn’t take a bevy of prospects to acquire for the Diamondbacks. I understand why the Cheap High Quality Soccer Jerseys Cardinals weren’t Cheap Google Jerseys interested in a rental back when they were spinning their wheels in the mud.

Do they give up prospects for Yu Darvish?

The good news for the Yankees is that they have options and the injury happened in advance of the trade deadline, so they can add to their rotation if that’s the route management chooses to go with. Pineda’s options though, are much more limited. As it currently stands, it looks like he could be leaving New York the same way he first arrived – injured.

Due to shoulder tendinitis at the close of spring training in 2012 and a subsequent torn labrum that lead to surgery, Pineda missed all of 2012 and 2013 in the majors. He’s performed decently since then, but suffered through time on the disabled list for muscle strains in multiple years and fared poorly in his only complete season – a 6-12 2016 campaign in which he finished with 4.82 ERA.

As a free agent after this season (he’s currently being paid a nice $7.4 million) chances are slim that the Yankees will have him back for his age-29 season considering his extensive injury history and his likely asking price despite those stints on the DL.

Yeah, that. Add in the surly Dallas Keuchel comments, and you have a team that’s lost a little puff of steam. Their main addition — Francisco Liriano as some sort of super reliever — has been a small-sample flop because he has trouble throwing strikes and hasn’t been used in short relief for years.

I’m torn, though. Do they give up prospects for Yu Darvish? Or do they beat the Yankees’ offer Cincinnati Reds Cheap Jerseys for Sonny Gray? Both seem daunting, but I’ll go with the Gray option because he would bring the Astros’ guaranteed payroll commitments up to, oh, $60 million next year and $30 million in 2019. That would give them the freedom to buy whatever complementary players their hearts desire to Denver Broncos Cheap Jerseys supplement their absurdly young core.

And they would have Gray for next year. It made far too much sense to work. But when Derek Fisher is in the middle of baseball’s first 60/60 season, maybe they’ll look back at this moment and laugh.

Mark Cuban says Colin Kaepernick’s views would be welcomed in NBA

Colin Kaepernick has an ally in ownership. Unfortunately for the former 49ers quarterback, that owner is in the NBA.

I don’t know what his status is in the NFL, but I’m glad the NBA doesn’t have a politician litmus test for our players, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told the Washington Post. I’d like to think we encourage our players to exercise their constitutional rights.

Smith suffered the injury during practice on Saturday at Levi’s Stadium while chasing running back Matt Breida near the sideline. He appeared to get his arm caught on Breida’s helmet and eventually exited the field.

While 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan inititlly suggested Smith would miss an extended period, an MRI later revealed the severity of the injury and confirmed the blow to the team’s defense after signing the veteran to a five-year contract worth $26.5 million in March.

The team has yet to make an official roster move, though a modification will likely come at the team’s next practice on Monday.

Smith, 28, was selected by the Seahawks in the seventh round of the 2011 NFL Draft. After earning Super Bowl XLVIII MVP honors with Seattle, he joined the Raiders for a two-year stint beginning in March 2015.

In 2015, one season after trundling into the playoffs with Josh Harris and Ben Tate as their remaining backs, the Steelers insured themselves against Bell’s Cheap Custom Jerseys frequent absences by signing DeAngelo Williams to be one of the Cheap Custom NFL Jerseys league’s most expensive backups. With the veteran in the fold, Pittsburgh was able to play through the loss of one of its top playmakers, advancing to the Divisional Round and AFC Championship Game the past two years.

Vince Wilfork announces retirement in hilarious video: ‘I’m moving on to smoked meats!’

Vince Wilfork announced his retirement from the NFL on Monday, but not without some humor.

The defensive tackle, 35, tweeted a video that started out with a solemn and sentimental vibe (he literally hangs up his cleats). But it quickly shifts to Wilfork standing shirtless in overalls by a smoker, cooking meat and dancing.

We are extremely disappointed that for the second straight season we are dealing with a suspension for Jalen, Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff said in a statement. Such are the consequences when certain choices are made. Our decisions going forward will be based on what Dan and I feel is best for the team.

Collins was a second-round pick from LSU in the 2015 NFL Draft and has 48 tackles with two interceptions, both of which came last year, during his career. After starting two games as a rookie, Collins made six starts last season and was expected to have an even larger role this season.

The 24-year-old defensive back is eligible to play in each preseason game, but will not be allowed at the facility following the team’s final exhibition game on Aug. 31 against the Jaguars. He can return on Nov. 21, following Atlanta’s Monday night game against the Seahawks. He would then be eligible to play in a Week 12 game on Nov. 26 against the Buccaneers.

The de-emphasis of the No. 1 tailback was reflected at the draft as well. Between 2008 and 2012, 15 running backs were taken in the first round. Since then, that figure dropped to five, all selected between 2015 and 2017.

In the same span, single-player rushing totals dropped Cheap Chelsea Jerseys precipitously. In 2012, 16 players rushed for 1,000 yards or more. In 2015, that figure fell Cheap Blank Hockey Jerseys to seven.

49ers’ Malcolm Smith out for season with torn pectoral

Malcolm Smith’s season is over before it even started.

The 49ers linebacker is expected to miss the upcoming season after being diagnosed with a torn pectoral muscle, the team announced.

Cuban is referring to Kaepernick’s decision to take a knee during the national anthem last season to protest police violence against minorities.

Kaepernick is unsigned as NFL training camps begin and many suggest it’s due to a backlash for the attention his protest sparked last season despite support from many around the league.

The NBA is such a global game, Cuban was quoted as telling the Post in in an email, I think our players’ exposure to different political systems among their teammates may help them appreciate our country even more and encourage their participation.

Peyton Manning was the most productive quarterback in the league Cheap Authentic Baseball Jerseys headed into this AFC Championship clash. Ty Law and the Patriots secondary made him look like 2016 Ryan Fitzpatrick. Manning threw four interceptions — completing as many passes to Law (three) as he did to star wideout Marvin Harrison — as New England got out to a 15-0 lead at the half and cruised to Super Bowl XXXVIII.

A close game that would have been closer if not for Cheap NFL Jerseys Nike Andy Reid’s now-notorious lack of clock management skill. The Eagles trailed 24-14 with 5:40 left in the game when they got the ball on their own 21-yard line. Donovan McNabb led Philadelphia to the end zone but ate up nearly four minutes of clock time to get there (and possibly puked along the way). When David Akers’ onside kick dropped into Christian Fauria’s hands, it all but sealed the third Super Bowl win in four years for New England.

Dolphins coach Adam Gase: Jay Cutler won’t stand on sideline

Jay Cutler isn’t just in Miami for the money.

While Dolphins coach Adam Gase hasn’t officially dubbed the veteran quarterback as the team’s starter for the regular season, he hinted that Cutler’s role will play out soon enough.

You’ll know when I release the depth chart, Gase told reporters Monday. I don’t have to make that announcement right now, but [Cutler] didn’t come out of retirement to stand on the sidelines. But we got a ways to go. Get him in here, give him a physical, see where he’s at.

In the meantime, Dolphins coach Adam Gase acknowledged the team is aware of the incident and assured the proper steps have been taken. Landry and the Dolphins have been working toward a contract extension, though an agreement has not yet been reached.

According to NFL writer Benjamin Allbright, the alleged domestic-violence incident involving Landry and his girlfriend took place in March in Fort Lauderdale. A video showing part of the altercation was captured and turned over to police.

Landry’s girlfriend, Estrella Cerqueira, released a statement Monday describing the incident and clarifying the father of her child would never hurt Authentic Cheap Jerseys From China his family.

Landry, 24, is entering the final year of his four-year rookie contract worth $3.74 million. The two-time Pro Bowl selection has 3,051 receiving Baseball Jerseys yards and 13 touchdowns in three seasons with Miami, including back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons over the past two years.

Cardinals’ Tyrann Mathieu: Colin Kaepernick ‘can take any team to the Super Bowl’

Tyrann Mathieu knows Colin Kaepernick can still launch footballs.

During his Wednesday appearance on PFT Live, the Cardinals safety recalled the times he faced the veteran quarterback when they played in the same division and acknowledged that Kaepernick’s production has declined in recent years.

I have deliberated on this decision thoroughly until now, he wrote, because I wanted to see if the beginning of NFL training camps would inspire the passion that I need to perform at the standards that I established for myself during my nine-year NFL career.

The Broncos took Clady with the 12th overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft and he was a second-team All-Pro selection as a rookie after starting every game that year. Clady picked up first-team All-Pro honors the following season, when he made the first of four Pro Bowls.

But injuries soon began to chip away at him. He suffered a torn labrum in his shoulder during the 2012 season but played through it. Two games into the 2013 campaign, he suffered a season-ending Lisfranc injury to his foot. He tore his ACL in organized team activities in May 2015 and missed that season as the Broncos went on to win the Super Bowl.

Denver traded him to the Jets last spring, but Clady’s lone season Cheap NFL Jerseys Paypal in New York was cut short by a torn rotator cuff suffered America Cheap Jerseys in November.